Monday, October 27, 2008


Lonely Monsters will be available from 7th November onwards, from 696 (696 Sydney Road, Brunswick) and also online (further details coming soon for that). Here's the final wrap-around cover.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Upcoming Book Launch/Exhibition

This is a one night only show and I'll have some limited prints plus a few original pieces for sale (will post a couple of snapshots of them later).

Lonely Monsters is 1 week from completion and I've already started scripting book two which is turning out to be quite odd. Book one is basically my love letter/tribute to the zombie genre. For book two the focus shifts to old apolyptic road warrior type films/comics/etc. For book one I remained quite restrained in keeping the zombies looking more human than ghoulish, so I'm taking this opportunity to go wild in designing various mutants and steampunk-ish machinery.

But that book won't be out til 2009 so come along in November 2008 for the launch of book one (which, if things go according to plan, will come with a CD soundtrack and a couple of other goodies).